Friday, January 05, 2007

It's amazing how one single smell can bring back a flood of memories.

Yesterday, I bought some new shampoo and as a proceeded to use it in the shower, it had this particular smell to it.

And the smell transported me to Spring of 2004 when I was staying in Manchester with a Welsh family. I stayed in a green room that was decorated with fresh daffodils, drank horlicks (it tastes like warm malted milk), watched Bridgit's Jones Diary, was quizzed endlessly about facts on the state capital of Nebraska, played with a cat, learned to play piano from tab, visited various public schools, went white water rafting in wales, celebrated mum's day, explored an old barn and still, did a high ropes course, saw a soap show being filmed, and lost numerous games of cards.

Those memories came flooding back from just one smell.

Odd, and yet so comforting....

Ah Cheadle Hume. How I miss you.

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Derek said...

sounds like a wonderful experience. especially the part about the capital of nebraska - "lincoln" as some may call it. or, "the best place in the world", as others may call it.

ok, maybe it's a close second behind cheadle hume.