Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My family came into town this weekend.

It's funny how you generally forget the little things that make you laugh or really just annoy you.

* Like how my sister is a vegetarian only at the most inconvenient times.
* Or how my 5 year old niece likes to cheat in Old Maid, stacking the cards so the other person will always get the Old Maid.
* Or how my dad gives me dating advice.....Awkward
* And also how my mom usually ends up crying when we say goodbye.
* How my brother loves to push me as hard as possible on the ski slopes and also conveniently/accidentally leaves his wallet at home.
* How my sister and I started making french toast, and then ended up talking, bonding, and crying
* How my mom was going to be in the yarn shop for 15 minutes... two hours later, she finally left
* How my family went up to Cripple Creek for a mine tour, only to find out that the last tour of the day was already going on.
*Then driving down the mountain only to have my entire family get car sick.

Fun times with the Konecny's, seriously, I should write a book about it


Megs said...

DUDE you should write a book! hahah i'd totally read it and love it...i laughed *inside becaues i'm really tired..yeah even too tired to laugh out loud...* at your list...your 5 year old niece stakes the deck...freak thats awesome! hahahah oh sisters hey ;) anyways darlink hope you are well!

Scuba Steve said...

whoa sugar tushy, i just got a disturbing email from a mutual friend about a relationship decision you have made lately... we need to talk! don't do anything stupid! when i get back i'm gunna hurt you!

jk sweetness, email me though!