Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please.... Please let it snow.

I want tomorrow to be my Friday/Saturday.


Just a flake or two, or two million. I don't care.

Just close down the interstate and leave motorists stranded on the road.

Me?? I'd rather snuggle in a blanket and drink hot cocoa with just a little kick to it.


Derek said...

"just a little"? that won't warm you need "a lot".

that's what i'm talkin' 'bout.

hope it snowed.

Scuba Steve said...

best of luck with the snow... it's 90 here!

shinbone #4 said...

you're crazy... snow!!! really??
Our piles and piles of it are just almsot melted and I am so thrilled. It snowed a couple of days ago though and now I've decided to blame you for that :D

konecny said...

Here's an update on the snow situation. It was a disappointment. We had work. It was slightly miserable outside. Did I mention I still had to work?!? And yes, it sucked.