Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Not Rocket Science

The other day my roommate and I decided to get rootbeer floats. Pretty easy right? Well I was soon to find out that the world operates otherwise.

We drove up to AWD/KFC and they were closed. We checked the time, it was 9:52. We checked the door. Yep. The door clearly stated that they closed at 10. I hate it when drive-thru's close early. It's a pet peeve of mine. But striving to be the ever optimist. I said, "Hey, let's go to Micky D's, they're never closed."

Against our better judgement we steeled our car towards those gorgeous golden arches that glowed against the moonlight. Yes... We were going to have our rootbeer floats.

As we cruised our car up to the window, we tentatively said, "I know you guys don't do this, but can we have a rootbeer float"

The fire back answer was "Nope, we can't do that"

Now for some reason, my brain jumped into work mode. The mode where there is no "can't" where usually you can come to some solution, no matter how cracked up and convuluted it is.

"Now wait a minute..." I said, "You do have coke right?"


"And you do have Ice cream correct?"


"Now why can't you combine the icecream and coke together???"

"We wouldn't know how to price it, we can't do it."

I know, McDonald's is not known for doing it your way. I think the only way is the machine way. But still. I had to persist.

"So you can't physically combine the coke and icecream, is that what you are telling me?"

"No, ma'm, we just can't"

So, we gave up. Ordered an ice cream coke, a coke and resolved to make it ourselves.

Seriously, it's not rocket science. It's just bad business. Now I could go off on a rant of how we don't empower people to make decisions (and maybe these people have never been empowered), but I won't. I won't talk or rail about how McDonald's lets their machines do all the decision making. I won't boycott the place, because honestly, I really do like the fact that they have those red boxes to rent a dvd from and they are open for my midnight big mac.

But seriously people, it's a rootbeer float.

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Doug said...

I don't think I've ever had a root beer float... but to be honest, I'm far too much of a food purist. I like my food to be nicely separated. Root beer and ice cream do not mix in my books. Sorry.