Saturday, September 27, 2008


A woman in my site died from AIDs yesterday. Her funeral was today. And so for two days everyone has been quiet, still, in mourning. Since probably half the town is related to her, everyone is impacted. Her husband died a year ago in a car accident and she was left to raise her 3 children. She was 23. Now the children are orphans, left to be raised by their grandmother. You hear of AIDs, you hear of SIDs, but I never thought I would see the ramifications, especially in Panama.

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Doug said...

I've never met anybody with AIDS, but it must be a horrible way to die, especially in a country where the poor have little access to meds.

I really like these mini-updates, by the way. They're really got me thinking about my time in Campeche. I think I'm ready to blog about it.