Thursday, December 07, 2006


to yield (something) to the possession or power of another; deliver up possession of on demand or under duress....

I don't know why most Christian songs sing about how sweet it is. It's not sweet at all. In fact, it sucks. You are giving up something under duress or at least not giving it up of your own volition.

Think about generals surrendering in war. Did they really want to do it? No, but they had to because it was between either that and death.

It's a struggle.

It's not fun.

It's not sweet.

It's not great.

But it is needed at times.... When it's either that or death.


klerch said...

Amazing, friend. Amazing how often we actually choose spiritual death huh? May we learn to surrender it all.

abbs said...

Heya chica! I definitely resonate. How do you pray for something that's so hard to do but so necessary? It sucks, but so does working out... and yet at the end it's wonderful to walk away with less weight and more strength.

shinbone #4 said...

haha I love that bluntness... You're right surrender can be a demoralizing horrible experience - I think its the after effects that people are really singing about. After true surrender, the ability to be at peace with someone who you then realize really does love you so much... well it's kind of a great feeling. Sadly too many of us still try to fight the bad fight after we surrender. We try and upsurp the general, call a mutiny - whatever... why is it so hard just to rest and enjoy God's goodness?? Oh yah... pride and lack of trust. I can and want to do this for myself... or if I surrender I can't trust that you will really choose good things for me.
ahhhhh So frustrating.

shinbone #4 said...

p.s. Steal away :D

m.melissa.h said...

hmmm well put my dear.

rad photo.