Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love you Jimmy Choo

So something happened to me last week that I think most people can relate to.

I was sitting at my computer doing work, my brain practically turning to mush. So I decided to take a break, stretch my legs and go to the bathroom. You know when your mind is kind of on autopilot? Where you walk to the bathroom and walk into a stall without thinking about it?

Well I did that....

And as I sat on the toilet I happened to glance at the person's shoes in the stall next to me.

The person's shoes were brown, leather and suspiciously mannish....

Oh crap!! I'm in the men's bathroom.

A quick mental calculation and I realized I have no clue how I went to the wrong bathroom.

Was I on crack? I must have been.

But then I glanced to the right on the stall door and saw the sanitary napkin box.
And a quick glance through the stall door showed the tampon dispenser.

So...... I had to have been in the women's bathroom.

Now who was that person next to me? Was it a guy?

Cause wow.....that would have been funny.
So I exit the stall and wait by the sink to see who would emerge.

And it was A GIRL!!!

What kind of girl wears man shoes when you can wear perfectly good stilletos?!?!?!?

Ah, Jimmy Choo.... I love you.


hesongping said...

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klerch said...

Because some people would rather be comfortable than stand on a three inch twig all day. Not that they have to be man shoes...but praising stilletos might swing the pendulum a little too far the other way. Find a happy medium. Or...I say we all go barefoot.

Cactus said...

barefoot is always good

shinbone #4 said...

hahaha that's hilarious...
I know that moment of panic well.
You wonder if it's you... hope it's them, but assume no matter what it will be embarrassing.