Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Wall

Background music: Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

Last night I sat in gravel and stared at a wall for a couple of hours.

And no, I wasn't high.

The wall is covered in rocks with multicolored bits of tape stuck next to it.
And I sat staring. Figuring out a red route, a black route, and my nemesis green.

Once you pick your color, you follow the problem through, figuring your left, right hands, where you're gonna match feet, when you should throw in a heel hook or a dyno.

You see the end goal.

Life's not like that though. In life you stare at your climbing wall looking at a bunch of various colors, you pick your route, and you have no idea where the route will end.


Kristin said...

"Without the possiblity of death, adventure is not possible."
--Rehinhold Meissner

Though I sincerely hope you don't die, I do hope the colored path you've chosen leads to great adventure!

Doug said...

And sometimes you have no idea which path is the right one. One of my fears is picking the wrong path, but not realizing it until I'm 40. That's the leap of faith - having the guts to carry through despite not knowing what's going to come. But such is life.

Are you going to keep up the blog after you leave?