Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like a Cuban Refugee

Today as I was taking the boat into civilization I had alot of time to think and ponder about my life. Normally I fall asleep on the boat with the waves lulling me to sleep. However this morning it was raining. I can´t sleep when it rains. So huddled and miserably wet on a boat at 6 in the morning like a Cuban refugee I thought about the following things.

I´ve had a cold for the past couple of days and thus sneeze alot. The first time someone sneezes here in Panama, everyone says Salud (Health). The next time dinero (money). And the last one is amor (love).

A couple of weeks ago I walked into an edge of a bed frame and banged it really hard. I thought it was a deep bruise but after being sore for 2.5 weeks I checked it out with the doctor. The sweet MRI machine showed that I have partially tore my ACL, my MCL and my meniscus. So I´m heading to Panama City to determine if I need surgery or some type of voodoo magic.

Same day I found out about my knee I left my wallet on a counter at an internet cafe. I remembered it immediately but when I returned it was gone. Some nice guy returned my wallet with all my id´s in it, but none of my money. Since this is the second time it´s happended to me, I´m more pissed off at myself for letting my guard down.

You didn´t think I would tell everything did you?

On a side note I saw an iguana cross the road today. I think that´s a sign of good luck. Or at least I´ll take it as one.


Jonathan said...

That's what they said in Venezuela: "Salud, Dinero, Amor." When I say it to Mexicans, though, they think that it is funny. They just say "Salud!"

Sorry to hear about your knee. I'll say a prayer that things go well. You must have banged it really hard!

Anonymous said...

Yo Jamie,
Can't wait until we hear from you and then see your smiling face. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving. The stores are full with people. Your Dad came to help load the car. By the way do you have any suggestions for Christmas presents for you?
Thanks for writing the happenings down there.
Hugs, Mom

klerch said...

Among some of my Mexican friends here, it was always "Jesus, Maria, y todos los santos!" when you hit three sneezes. Craziness. I must say, it is more fun than the American, "Bless you...uh...again." Or better yet, "Cover your damn mouth!" A little less charming, no?

Dude, sorry about the knee action. That sucks. Hope it all turns out well. As for the amor, you do need to pass on an update at some point...

Hugs, friend!!!!