Thursday, November 06, 2008

Not your tipico baile

I went to a baile a couple of weeks ago and was pretty surprised. I´ve been to bailes (dances) before in Panama so I thought I knew what to expect and was pretty much a champion at all things baile.

Maybe that´s true for the rest of Panama, but not in the Peninsula. So here are the rules for the baile in my site:

1. They start at 10 or 11, depending on how many more generators we have to scrounge up. Yeah, generators.

2. The guy dancing with you has a bottle of seco in his pants. Or it could be two, you never really know.

3. Fights are normal. They are only really serious when they take off their shirts. The other fights are just playing.

4. The dance will last till 7am. At least that´s when the accordian player stops.

5. It will be fun, with friends, and lots of guys for protection. Just leave early.

Ok, that´s it, I´m out.

Write me folks, send letters and packages. My addy is on the side of my blog. I´ll try to post some photos and surf footage next time. Love ya!

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