Friday, October 20, 2006

I went to a concert on Tuesday

And ended up in a hot tub.

It's kinda funny how life ends up. One moment you are you on your way to a rockin' concert in Boulder and the next moment you are sitting in a warm pool while snow is falling on your hair.

Tuesday five of us planned on going to Boulder to see Mat Kearney and Griffen House play at the infamous Fox Theater. However, the weather deemed that we would not make it there. The first snow of the season came that day and dropped about a foot or a foot and a half of white goodness around our fair city. On the interstate we went from Woodman to Baptist road, a ride which would take about 10-15 minutes on a normal day, took 45 minutes.

I think all the cars in Colorado Springs that didn't have 4 wheel drive decided that day to start cruising and joy riding the streets. Because about 50% of the cars I saw that night were in the ditch.

Anyways, one of my friend's parents happened to live up north and had a hot tub. We ended up hot-tubing for the rest of the night under the stars and the snow.

What a nice diversion


Scuba Steve said...

mmmm, jealous! it's still 90 degrees and humid as hell here! sucks!

Cactus said...

We figured out a solution to the "Jamie Problem".....

We simply need to hire a hooker to be jamie's travel partner...

She will travel with us for three weeks and Jamie will pay for her
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of course take advantage of those escort services since you are paying
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What do you think scuba?????