Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Official...

I think I can now finally call myself a Coloradian.

Yes. I now have Colorado plates and GASP! I even sucked it up and went to the DMV (the place I detest most in the world) and got a driver's license.

I've gone skiing at Breck, Copper, Keystone, and Eldora

I've gone backpacking through a couple feet of snow to La Plata in May.

I've mountain biked through the fall aspens at the base of Mount Princeton.

I've kayaked at 11 mile reserviour.

I've climbed the Cactus Cliffs at Shelf Road.

I've hiked around Crested Butte in search of wildflowers.

I've snowshoed and stayed at a Yurt in the San De Cristo mountains.

Oh, and I've competed in cannon ball contests at the Punchbowls.

I've flipped over bikes,
fallen down mountains,
scrapped my knees,
made my fingers bleed.
I have scars.
I have bruises.

But I think I've finally arrived.


Scuba Steve said...


Derek said...

pssst...now that you are officially a coloradoan, you should probably know that the range of mountains down there is actually called "sangre de cristos".

details, details. nevertheless, i'm extremely jealous.

klerch said...

Yep, Derek pointed out a good one inadvertently: Coloradoan instead of Coloradian (though we say it just like Coloradan, with no o or i). With that list of accomplishments, I'd say as soon as you start saying the name right, we might have to initiate you:) Seriously, awesome stuff.