Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why I love Memorial Day

* Biking down to Territory Days
* Seeing more than my fair share of mullets and interesting clothing combinations
* Determining that most people get hideous tattoos (What's up with that? It's permanent people, get something cool!)
* Turkey Legs
* "Homemade" Lemonade that was made with all natural Nutri-sweet
* Exploring the side roads where I live
* Drinking Old Fashions (Grind an orange slice and a cherry into sugar, add 1/3 bourbon, 1/3 soda water, a dash of bitters and throw some ice in it)... this might be my new summer drink- Thanks Jeremy!
* Curly potatoe fries
* listening to new age Native American music and determining that it's not my favourite genre. It's not even a top 100.
* Swinging on my hammock and not falling out.
* Road tripping through the void of Nebraska with a good friend and realizing that I left all my good cds in Colorado.
* Camping with my niece only to realize she snores.
* Eating fresh home-made rye bread.
* Having my mom hem my pants
* Washing my car with my dad and having a water fight.
* Biking a mile with my niece which took 2 hours.
* Picking wildflowers.
* Having those hard conversations, crying, and learning about myself in the process.

Ok. All of these things are priceless. I guess my life is like a MasterCard commercial afterall.

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Scuba Steve said...

i prefer memorial day in china... aka, just another work day... sucks!!!