Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm leaving.

In two months I'll be leaving for Panama with the Peace Corps.
And for once, I just want you to listen.
I don't want to hear about your relationship problems.
I don't want to over analyze a comment or an email.

I'm saying good-bye to life I've always known,
And saying hello to one I don't.
I'm packing up and moving on.
And for once, I just want to talk.

I want to talk about how excited
I will be,
How nervous I am,
How I am going to miss the most important
events in those lives around me.

I just want to talk about
saying good-bye
And for once I want you to just sit there
And not criticize me,
Not to judge me,
And not to tell me how to pack.

I want to talk about my feelings
(And I don't do this very much)
But for once,
Can you just listen
And let me cry
on your shoulder instead?


klerch said...

Well said, friend. Impending change just makes you want to process the overwhelming thoughts...and no more. I'll be excited to read and hear what you are thinking. And I'm proud of you for following through and going for it. Awesome.

Kristin said...

Love you. love the poem. Love the excitment. Love the fear. Embrace the whole experience my dear. And as long as our moments overlap I'm happy to just listen : )