Monday, February 11, 2008


So first of all I have to say, it's hard being poor. It takes lots of planning and prep and you have to be pretty creative. Okay, I'm done whinning. Here's an update of how I spent all of my cash money:

$250 on a phone. Yes, you can start yelling at me now. But technically it was a present from Mummy & Daddy, so really I didn't spend that money at all.

$80 on skiing. It was an all day event and tons of fun. From a money standpoint, not the best thing to spend my dolla bills on, but from a physical & physcological standpoint, well worth it. Plus my brother is coming into town and I have to be better than him once I hit the slopes.

$15 going out. Pretty cheap, considering it covered 2 beers, appetizers, a cover charge, and two nights of fun.

I've only gone out to eat a couple of times and I'm learning how to make my lunch!!!! Small victory for me, but still a victory.

So yeah, still learning on how to live on half my income, but my savings account is looking amazing and I'm not starving to death.

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Doug said...

I'm poor by necessity right now as I won't have a first paycheque for three weeks. It sucks, it really does, and I can't seem to stop spending money on stupid stuff.

The hardest thing about trying to cut back on spending are the unforeseen expenses that start popping up everywhere. Take my cell phone, which I've had for 1 month. The antenna is dead, and a loaner phone costs $25. So what do I do? Shell out $25 for that, plus pay-as-you-go airtime, or just go and buy a new phone for $50?

Then there was my trip to UPenn, which they are going to reimburse me for, but not until March. $500.

And then there's the new passport to replace the one I lost last year. $100.

The deposit to the electric company. $180. (My bill is only $30 a month, so the deposit is ridiculous).

Do you ever feel like the money gods are conspiring against you? I do.