Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lucky Number Se7en

7. Lying about my birthday

I think at one time or another we've wished our birthday was right around the corner. In my case I was four and I decided that instead of my birthday occuring in January, it was going to be today!

I was playing in the driveway and the next door neighbor girls came over to play... And I told them that it was my birthday. They were suprised and promptly left. I didn't think anything about it, somewhat forgot about it and kept playing with my brother. The girls came back about an hour later and they brought all sorts of gifts with them.

I got a bag with a goldfish and a paperbag full of used makeup. I thought I had hit a goldmine and was pretty happy that I decided that today was my birthday. Anyway, my mom found out and made me apologize and return the makeup. I was kinda bummed out.

I got to keep the goldfish though.


Scuba Steve said...

whats up with this wreck i heard about?

konecny said...

Wreck? What wreck? Oh you mean the road rash that's covering half of my body? No, really I'm ok. I just flipped over my bike. I guess I should put those training wheels back on....

Scuba Steve said...

ha ha ha! c'mon! i knew you could keep up with the big boys! way to put on the man pants!