Thursday, September 14, 2006


Playing Knights and Princesses

Yes, contrary to popular belief, I did like playing dress up and being rescued by knights in shining armor. But usually the knight ended up being my one of my childhood friends and there was no armor to be seen.

I remember around the age of seven playing in a barn loft. Those areas somewhat convey a magical scene. Maybe it was the hay in the loft with the rope swing hanging from the rafters... or maybe it was the chance that at any moment the rotten boards would crumble and I would fall to my untimely death. Either way I loved it.

And in the barn loft we would play knights and princesses. Most of the time my sister, Melody or I pretended that we were locked up by a witch or held capitive by an evil dragon. And my brother, Robert or Micah would slay the dragon, curse the witch and free us from that evil spell. We would then thank the knight profusely and claim our undying love to the hero.

Yeah, I was 7 and it was a little cheesy.

But to be honest, I still like being rescued.

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