Friday, September 29, 2006

"Remember, we're saving our sugar calories so we can have a lollipop tonight"

Yeah, that's what I overheard a mom saying to her 4 year old son while I was waiting in line for my venti mocha. The kid wasn't fat or anyting. In fact, he looked normal. What kind of mom says that to their kid?!?

I've been sort of lazy and lax by not posting anything. (Ok, so I ran out of childhood memories...)

Last night I went up to Ft Collins to see some bands after work.

It was great and I totally felt like a kid who sneaks out on a school night. Lotus was good, the hippies danced in their trance-like state and my friends and I interrogated eachother with great questions like, "Out of these 3 people... who would you kill, who would you screw, and who would you marry." I think I dug myself into a hole on that one... And then I drove back to the Springs at 12:40 am.

Unfortunately, as many of you were wishing I didn't hook up with a hippie while I was there.


Scuba Steve said...

good, you don't wanna hook up with a hippy anyway, they all smell like BO and pot anyway...

konecny said...

Yeah, that's the rumor I heard...But still it would be randomly cool