Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Number 9

Almost Drowning in my cousin's pool

I was five and visiting the cousins I didn't know existed in Florida. My cousins are a good 5-8 years older than me and invited me to go swimming with them in the backyard. I thought it was awesome and wished my parents had thought of putting a pool in our yard. Before I got in, my cousin gave me a great tip. She said "If you think you're drowning, just put your hand up in the air"

So I jump in the pool....on the deep end.

And I definately could not swim like a fish. In fact, I started to sink like a stone.

So I followed my cousin's advice and threw my hand up in the air... And somehow I didn't start floating or swimming at all. I was a little shocked that her wonderful idea didn't work.

So there I was, my hand was up and I was going down.

Eventually someone saved me. I think it was my dad. Thanks Dad!

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Scuba Steve said...

actually, it was me...