Wednesday, December 26, 2007


24 baby chicks.

I think that is my most interesting Christmas present by far. In addition to the typical presents under the tree, my parents gave each of us kids 24 baby chicks.... To some family in a third world. Turns out chicks can not only feed a family, but it also gives them a micro-enterprise by selling the eggs.

Props to my parents for thinking outside the box and providing a sustainable living to those less fortunate than us. And it turns out that they're going to do it every year. How sweet is that?

I'm thinking this ranks up there with the Mountain Hardware wind & water resistant pants.

Thanks parents!


klerch said...

Did they do it through Heifer International? I love that group! I got to do a third world simulation with them once.

Man, this country is so crazy rich: can you imagine if every family did at least one gift like that each Christmas? The impact would be phenomenal.

So yeah, props to your parents. At least they didn't give you four calling birds or all those stinking piping pipers:)

Doug said...

Fantastic idea. I'm seriously thinking of abandoning Xmas next year - this one was the most uneventful yet. But if people want to get me things, I would love something like this.