Monday, December 17, 2007


I don't know when it became the norm for people my age. But it seems like lately everyone around me is a flake. It's a lack of commitment from anything past 10 minutes from now.

Don't get me wrong, I mean I'm a slight commit-a-phobe. I can't buy a house (cause it's too scary) and I can't buy a dog (cause then I would have to stay at home all the time).

But really it seems like socially my friends can't commit to anything. Take Thanksgiving for example. I asked my friends for an RSVP for the party and only about 10 people said "Yes". But the kicker is that only 4 of those "Yes" people showed up AND about 7 of the "No" people showed up too. And of those remaining 6 "Yes" people, most of them never called to apologize for not showing up.... they're now relegated to my "Are you my friend?" list.

I don't get it. It's common curtasy. Yes, turkey doesn't cost alot. But it sure helps to know a head count so I can know how much turkey to buy.

And sadly, I do have to admit I was a non-commital social person. Well, until I realized how much of a jerk I was. My tactic was something along the lines of hearing all my options and holding out for the best one. If nothing better came along, then sure, yeah, I'd love to come to your party. But if there was a better option, well then I would be a jerk and either cancel at the last minute or call after the party/function/coffee date was already supposed to start.

Wow! Was I really that person? Yeah, yeah I was. And now I'm seeing that most of my friends are the same way. So, to any of my friends reading this....

1. If I make plans with you, that means I made plans. I worked my day and errands around to see you. Yes, I have other obligations, parties and people to see, but I took that into account before making my plans.
2. If I can't make it, it's probably because I'm either sick or grouchy. And you wouldn't want to hang around me anyways.
3. If I can't make it, I'll try to re-schedule.
4. If you are going to cancel on me, let me know as soon as you know you can't do it. Otherwise, you are just being rude.

Ok. I'm done with my rant. Happy Monday!


klerch said...

So, Konecny, how do you really feel about it? I'm with you, though. I am not a fan of last-minute cancelling or waffling.

Sorry I barely got to see you at Famous Dave's. We'll have to actually hang out face to face sometime, eh?

Doug said...

My problem is that I'm sometimes socially shy to the extreme. It's bizarre because people would never guess it, but sometimes I just get an overwealming sense of dread whenever I have to be in a group of people. And yes, I have cancelled in the part of that reason.

However, I am cognizant of it and force myself to do things anyway.

Being a flake? Me? Yes, sometimes. I'm working on that too.

JK said...

Yes we are way overdue for a coffee date. We should catch up sometime this week or next week. =)

Thanks for reading. I'm occasionally a shy person so I can definately relate.